Meet the team:

Chris Rithin – Editorial Head

Chris has been in the writing game for well over a decade, having graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in creative writing in 2001. Since then he’s gone on to craft expert copy for everyone from Jeep to Marks and Spencer. Chris heads up the writing team at Hyper Reality and is the creative lead across all of our content campaigns.

Emily Dooer – Copywriter

Emily pours her blood sweat and tears into the content she creates, utterly dedicating herself to every project. This dedication has really paid off, with Emily’s career with Hyper Reality developing from an intern back in 2014 to one of our head writers!

Jason De’Smith – Sales and Business Development

Jason is our business guru, at once steering the direction of Hyper Reality whilst connecting and converting our clients. Having grown up around his family business, Jason lives and breathes business and sales.